welcome to grace happening!

The sound of rain fills my living room and gentle breezes cause the curtains to dance a little as I begin this first post for grace happening.  Anticipation fills my heart because I am taking action on what has been a dream of mine for quite some time – encouraging and inspiring other women to discover their purpose, live it out passionately, and let grace transform their lives.

Close to my heart are: all things Jesus and Bible Study, life as a preacher’s wife, making home a haven, and natural & healthy living.

Life is not perfect.  There will never be a perfect time to make this happen.  I’m not perfect.  These are all reasons why this site is called grace happening.  It’s an ongoing process of growth.

But now, I will begin.  I will plant a seed, cultivate it, and trust God for the increase.

It is my hope and prayer that here you will find a place of rest and refreshment for your soul.  May you be encouraged to take hold of the life God has given you, and live it out in a way that makes your Father proud.  May you realize the grace that has been extended to you – freely.

Let us allow grace to happen in our hearts, our homes, and our health.  Let’s make a difference for the kingdom of God.


4 thoughts on “welcome to grace happening!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! It’s been on my heart for some time now to do MORE and hopefully make a significant impact on other’s lives. You really encouraged me to step it up with all you are doing. Thank you!


      1. That is an encouragement to me, as well! Unless we are impacting those around us we have to wonder why we are doing what we are doing. I am excited to follow your blog and will definitely be pointing ladies to it!

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