planning a successful staycation for you and your man

My husband and I seriously believe that investing in our marriage is one of the best things we can do both for ourselves and even for our ministry.

This means that we still date each other.  We take silly selfies together.  We do our best to get away for a couple weekends out of the year and even take a week vacation.

One thing we have yet to try is a staycation.  Now, we have taken off work to do home improvements or visit with family around the holidays… but those aren’t quite staycations.

Lately we have found ourselves in desperate need for a weekend away or at least some time to reconnect.  So, we have decided to make this coming weekend a mini-staycation!  I’m starting to get a little giddy with excitement.

Below are my top 15 tips for making your staycation more than just sitting around at home stressing about all the things you aren’t doing!  Please note that none of the links referenced below are sponsored in any way.  They are just items that I would use myself, and a place to help you get started.

1. Put it on the calendar!

It’s not going to happen unless you do.  Sit down with your hubs and commit to at least a weekend for the two of you, and hold fast. Don’t change it up because you got invited to a party. Your marriage is a priority.

If you have kids, consider swapping weekends with another couple.  You can take care of their kids while they staycation, and they’ll take care of yours!  Win, win!

2. Create ground rules.

Along the same lines as putting the date on the calendar, you’ll want to sit down with your hubs and outline some basic guidelines you will choose together to make it a fun time for both of you.

Decide in advance on a budget.  The last thing you need is to be stressing out over money when you’re supposed to relaxing!

Consider unplugging from the hectic world around you.  Take Facebook, Pinterest, ESPN and all other distracting apps off your phone.  You can always add them back later if your really “need” them.  Limit the amount of TV you will watch or designate certain times to watch together.

Schedule “you time.”  Your staycation is not going to be successful if you and your hubby spend the entire time hovering over each other.  Give each other some time to relax and recharge.

3.  Tidy your home beforehand.

Plan this in advance so you’re not overwhelmed the day before your staycation begins. Do a little each day for the week leading up to it. Or, if you’ve saved up some extra money, you could even pay a cleaning service to do this for you.

Clear any and all clutter. (Have you noticed that common theme at your favorite places to stay? There is nothing laying out that is not useful or beautiful.)

Clean! Clean! Clean! I know… it’s not fun, but you’ll be happy you did once your staycation starts. Vacuum the carpets. Wipe down surfaces. Make sure the bathrooms are sparkling. (No flyaway hairs or toothpaste in the sink!) Catch up on that laundry or at least wrangle it all to the same location. Use your new Pink Zebra scents to make your home smell simply fabulous.  Or try some of Ava’s great nontoxic candles and essential oils.

May I suggest detailing your car while you’re at it?  No, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but won’t it be great to travel around with no trash in the side pockets or clutter in the back seat?

4. Take care of meals!

Stash menus for your favorite takeout restaurants by the fridge so you can call and have dinner delivered.

Or, make some freezer meals beforehand so you don’t have the stress of running to the grocery store or figuring out what to make for dinner.
5. Create playlists to set the mood.

Romantics: Consider songs that were played at your wedding or favorites from when you were dating.

Happy Chillaxing Tunes: Ask your husband for his favorites and make sure to include yours as well. There is nothing like music to help you kick back and relax.

6. Enjoy an outdoor oasis.

Stock up on candles or some beautiful outdoor lights. (You can get super cute lights at Target for $12. Check out Ikea for some inexpensive candles.)

Chill your favorite sodas in vintage style bottles.

Head outside as the sun is setting. Grab some pillows, blankets, your vintage sodas and music, and just enjoy each other’s company or even a book you just haven’t had time to read.

7. Personal Spa

You don’t have to head to a spa to enjoy the benefits of it. You don’t even have to own a Jacuzzi to enjoy a relaxing bath.

Gather bath bombs or bubble bars, soapsessential oils, and nontoxic candles. Invest in a bath tray, a set of Egyptian cotton white towels, and let the worries of the world fade away. (Don’t forget to get a massage bar from Lush! Both you and your guy will appreciate this!)

8. Couples Yoga

There’s nothing that will calm your body and mind more than stretching out all those sore muscles. Search “beginner yoga” on Pinterest to get you started, and you’ll be much calmer in no time. Or, you’ll at least get a laugh together out of trying to twist yourself into some of those positions.

9. Enjoy hotel amenities at home.

What is it about your favorite hotel that you absolutely love?

Make your very own mini bar!  Stock up on your favorite chocolates, chips, granola bars, cashews, fancy water, and sparkling cider.

Arrange your favorite flowers in various vases throughout your home.  (Don’t forget the bathroom and bedroom!)

Sleep on Egyptian cotton luxury sheets. This will be an investment you make once and continue to enjoy long after your staycation is over.

Buy some beautifully wrapped chocolates and mints and turn down the sheets for your hubby before you head to bed that night.

10. Movie Night

Order a pizza, pop some popcorn, and dish up the ice cream! It’s time to have a Redbox marathon! Or, head out to see a new movie at your local movie theatre.

11.  Picnic and Stargazing

This very well may be my favorite idea that I’ve come across.  We have an old beat up Ford that will work perfectly for this idea.

Clean out your trunk or wash the bed of your truck out.  Gather a bunch of pillows and blankets, and pack a picnic dinner.  Head out to a place where it will be just the two of you, and watch the sunset.  DON’T HAVE YOUR PHONES OUT! Leave them behind, or at least on silent locked in the front of your vehicle.  Use this time to catch up on what’s really going on with the two of you.  Dream.  And enjoy gazing at the stars begin to light up the sky.

12.  Get out there and move together!

This might mean going on a hike, bike riding on a new trail, or paddling down the river.  It may mean trying a new workout together at home or at a park you have yet to visit.  Maybe, there are parts of your town that the two of you have yet to explore.  What about golfing, bowling, mini-golfing, swimming, ice skating, snowboarding, etc?

Just get out there and move. Together.

13.  Get Silly and Snaphappy!

Take unlimited selfies.  Do crazy things together and capture the memories.  And when it’s all said and done, make a memory book on Shutterfly.  They always have great deals.

14.  Game Marathon & Massage

Spend the afternoon playing games together.  Board games.  Card games.  And have you tried Heads Up? Whoever wins the most rounds gets a foot or back massage of his/her choice.

15.  Create a Scavenger Hunt for your hubby.

One of the sweetest things my husband has ever done for me was a scavenger hunt.  I was going through a particularly difficult season and one day I came home to a note on the door telling me how much he loved me and to follow the scavenger hunt for the surprise.  Along the way I found chocolate, my favorite drink, my comfiest loungewear, and a charged laptop with playlist ready for me to enjoy a super relaxing bath.

Get creative and think of what your guy would enjoy.  It doesn’t have to be big stuff or even stuff at all.  It could be notes telling you why you love and appreciate him.  It could be silly things.  And, you could do this at home or even around town!

That’s a wrap for now, but please – pretty please – share your thoughts with me as to what would make your staycation the best EVER! 


3 thoughts on “planning a successful staycation for you and your man

  1. I love this post! Our first staycation was over thanksgiving weekend . We borrowed a bunch of movies from a friend and pulled our mattress into the living room. We made a huge brunch for our thanksgiving dinner. It was so much fun and now we try to do it (on a much smaller scale) each American thanksgiving.


  2. @creatingkilter, I really love that idea! How fun! Our mattress is so heavy and our house is so old and narrow that we couldn’t bring it through the front door when we moved in! We wrapped it up with rope (like a gift) and pulled it up onto our balcony upstairs and through the door. lol! But we could definitely improvise with an air mattress or just a bunch of blankets and pillows! Thanks for the idea!


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