why ava anderson

Scrolling through Facebook mindlessly, I came across an article which my friend had shared regarding toxic ingredients found in personal care products, common household items, and even such things as candles.

It peeked my curiosity. Due to both my hubs and I living with several health issues, I do my best to be proactive when possible.  That means I like clean eating and do my best to prepare foods that aren’t processed.  But this whole world of personal care and household items? Hmm… I didn’t even realize there was a problem.

Many, many shared posts later from that friend and others, I knew that this wasn’t just someone trying to sell something.  This was a real issue.  I googled the ingredients they talked about as being dangerous.  Much to my dismay, I found ingredients that actually caused hair loss (my husband has alopecia) in our “thickening” shampoo!! What?!

Then, I realized that I had not been struggling with any congestion or headaches for some time until I plugged in my new fragrances.  “How about an experiment,” I thought.  “I’ll unplug them all and see if I feel any better.”  Well, guess what… it was like magic!  I unplugged them, and within hours my headaches and congestion disappeared.

And, when I took away my husband’s shampoo, his hair stopped thinning out!

I tell you this – just part of my story – so that you will know how I came to learn about Ava Anderson, and why I have decided to try their products.  Believe it or not, I signed up to be a consultant without EVER trying any of their products just because I am in love with how the company started up and that they are more concerned with people’s health than their pocketbooks! (They just recently dropped the price on yet another one of their products!)  Not to mention, they are getting rave reviews in magazines and on blogs all over the place.

So, stay tuned.  I’ll be giving honest reviews of what they have to offer just as soon as my start up kit gets here!  I’m crossing my fingers that I will love their products as much as I have loved what they have had to offer so far!

To find out more, head on over to my page to see what all they have to offer.  To order and try it out for yourself, the current party ID is #73895 and my consultant ID is 10925.


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