{from the heart} summer edition 2015

Hello, friends!  The past several weeks have been filled with thoughts and plans for grace happening.  My desire is that what I write would be meaningful – not just words on a page.  And, I want what I write to be what God wants – not just whatever may be on my mind.

With that in mind, I am considering a seasonal “from the heart” post where I write directly what has been on my heart during that season.   This will give you perspective on where I am coming from, and where grace happening is headed.

So, let’s jump right in.

When I began grace happening, it was because I knew I possessed a love for writing, sharing encouragement with other women, and community.  I am also passionate about tuning our hearts towards Jesus, growing through our marriages, making our homes a bit of heaven on earth, and developing health habits that will help our bodies be at their best.

Why the name “grace happening?”  Because we all desperately need grace in every aspect our lives – me especially!  But, we can’t wait till we have it all figured out to share with others.  We must share in our journey.  We must share the abundant grace the Lord extends in our daily living.  We aren’t perfect, friends, and it’s silly to pretend we are.

How is it that we can so quickly forget it’s all about grace?  Why do we forget to give ourselves grace as we work towards a goal? Instead, we except perfection out of ourselves. Why do we expect perfection in our marriages and homes?  Why, when we take one side step on the health journey, do we give up in utter defeat?

If there is one thing on my heart this season, it is this – let grace work.

Just for a moment, think of one area where you have been demanding perfection, and let it go.  Give it to God.  As Lara Casey says in her book, Make It Happen, “Stop chasing perfect, and choose purpose over perfection.”  Is there something that perhaps you have given up on altogether simply because you didn’t get it perfect?  Is it something God wants you to do?  Then pick it back up, and choose progress.

This blog isn’t perfect. My life isn’t perfect.  But, together, let’s choose grace.  Let’s know our purpose and live it.


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