embracing imperfect

It is likely that you have noticed a recurring theme in my writing – imperfection.

We all know that no one is perfect except for God.  Yet, we hold others and often ourselves even more so to this standard of perfection.  We try and try and try to be the best.  Period.

Our homes aren’t really clean unless they are spotless, having been dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed and sanitized in every nook and cranny.  And so, we decide we really are no good at this homemaking thing.

Our marriages aren’t awesome unless we have no fights, can’t wait to see each other (all the time!), go on date night without fail every week, and never get annoyed with our spouses.  And so, we decide that this is all it will ever be, letting ourselves “fall out” of love with the very one we must choose daily to love.

Our health is not where it should be unless we look like the last winner of Biggest Loser or America’s next Top Model.  And so, we choose the 5th chocolate chip cookie, finish off a bag of Family Size chips, and waste months without moving our butts, telling ourselves that it really doesn’t matter anyway.

But the point is, it does.  All of it does.  Our hearts, our homes, our marriages, and our health.

The question is, why do we let ourselves get to the point where we give up in despair?  It’s because we expect perfect. All the time. Everywhere.

The point is, it’s not going to happen.  You need to embrace the imperfect.  I’m not saying give up on improving yourself, your home, or your marriage – at all!  In fact, what I am saying is far from that.

Rather than expect perfect, embrace imperfect. Accept progress. And you’ll be amazed at the changes which start to happen in your life.

Today was my first day back from a much needed vacation with my husband.  Rather than expecting more than humanly possible from myself, I gave myself space to do what I could.  I chose to sleep in and recharge from the busy schedule we kept while away – my body needed this.  I chose to sip my coffee longer than usual, planning my week and praying to God.  I chose to spread the tasks I needed to accomplish over the week rather than attempt it all today – my heart needed this.  I chose to work on chores as I could – my home needed this.  I chose to make cookies in between cleaning my kitchen, doing laundry, and watching education videos – my family needed this.  And because I chose to pace myself today, I am not the frazzled woman I would have been at the end of the day – my marriage needed this.

Do you get a picture of what I am saying?  It goes back to the ultimate goal of purpose, not perfection.  People over projects.

So, if you haven’t done so yet, make the decision. Embrace imperfect.  You’ll be amazed at the changes which start to take place.


8 thoughts on “embracing imperfect

  1. Such a good post! I’m always depreciating so many good things because they aren’t “just so.” Even when I just cleaned the house the day before, I’m bummed because it is already starting the downward spiral toward dirty again. I love your closing – choose purpose over perfection!

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    1. So happy it was a blessing!

      I am really learning this in my life right now. In fact, as I type this, I just got done with 7 hours straight of painting my living room. Needless to say, the room looks like a disaster. My nature wants to exert energy I don’t have to make the room look perfect again. But I’m going to choose to leave it “imperfect.” It can wait another day. Right now, I need food, and I need rest.

      It’s hard to make this change, for sure, but I know it’s worth it!

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      1. I’m right along with you when it comes to using energy you really don’t have. Sometimes dishes have to be left undone and sometimes the floor just isn’t going to get swept. I don’t like those times.

        Like yesterday, I was feeling awful the entire day and nothing got done (days like this make me feel like the ultimate failure) I watched a movie and ended up falling asleep and feeling even worse after napping. A literal mountain of dishes, that have been sitting there since Sunday, just now got cleaned this morning (Tuesday) because Sunday night we had guests and I was too tired to worry about them at 10pm. I thought I would have plenty of energy the next morning (Monday) but as I said, I didn’t.

        Even now my energy level is pretty low and there are 3 mountains of laundry that really need done very soon. I really hate having work linger over me. I wish I could be that super person that could just get it all done right away, but that’s not me anymore. Now I must pace myself day after day and remember that I (my health, my need for rest, etc) am more important than dishes and things getting cleaned. I’m pretty sure that this week is my crash week after weeks and weeks of going and having little time to stop.

        God is my strength ~ story of my life. Without Him and His help, nothing would ever get done. There is no praising myself or patting myself on the back because of all that I accomplished today, because I know that it’s all Him through me because when I get energy to get stuff done, I know it’s from Him, because most of the time I am crying out to Him about all the work that needs done and all the things I need Him to help me get done and sometimes He gives me so much energy to do it all and other times He leaves me feeling energyless so that I will sit still and listen.


  2. I just wanted to let you know this was a blessing when you posted it, I just couldn’t leave you a comment then because my phone was acting up! Grr! Anyway… in the end of it all the memories and the people we make them with will be remembered, not the things we couldn’t get to when we wanted.


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