when the world’s chaos, clutter, and clamor bombard our hearts

Sometimes you just need to go for a drive in your old beat up blue truck – windows down, no radio, and beautiful quiet…

I am becoming increasingly aware of how much the world has been speaking to my heart lately. Of how much noise, clamor, and chaos it brings.  Of how much it bombards my life on a daily basis upon my own approval!

All week long, I have pondered the verses in 1 John… love not the world, neither the things that are in the world…

I have a thing for beauty. I love it.  I love creating it.  That’s probably why I enjoy crafts, music, and interior design so much. It makes me so incredibly happy.

But there is a difference between appreciating something and all out lusting after it.  That’s right.  I said lusting.  Lusting as in “being consumed with a desire for” or “coveting.”

This week found me unfollowing multiple accounts on Instagram and limiting my time on Pinterest.  Why?  Not because what I follow is evil – absolutely not… but I started to covet after it.  I saw a beautiful journal or room or even a certain way of life, and I wanted it!  Not only did I want it, but I found myself thinking up ways of how I could get it.

But worldly things don’t satisfy.  My satisfaction is found in Jesus.

So I began to return to my lovely cozy minimalist thinking, using what I already had to make beautiful things and serve our family well.  I returned to my capsule wardrobe of 20 items and have a pile of clothes ready to donate.  I do not need them. They do not fit well, and they just bring clutter to my life (namely in the form of laundry that just piles up because I spend countless time getting ready putting on clothes that don’t work well, and then throwing them on the floor… and that equals wasted time and money).

When I decided that I wanted to begin using the cash envelope system (Dave Ramsey) to help me use our resources wisely, I found these SUPER cute wallets on Etsy that were just PERFECT.  But instead of paying that $65 price tag, I pulled out some index cards, washi tape, and a 31 wallet that I have had for some time.  Within a half hour, I had my own cute wallet “envelope” system without spending a penny.

What am I trying to say here?

Well, do you need to go for a drive in your old beat up truck?  No, not everyone has one. But could you use some time to just unplug from it all and pay attention to what God is trying to speak to your heart?  Has the world (even the Christian world of beautiful Christian things!!!) been bombarding your heart with your own stamp of approval on it?  Do you need to unfollow some accounts or even get away from your phone or computer more?

This is something that has been on my heart, and I am sure will develop more as the Lord leads me.  But, I do not want my heart to be so cluttered with things that I do not have space for God’s purpose. It’s easy to get caught up in things – even good things – but lose out on the best of what God has for you in Jesus.

I’d like to encourage you to take some time this weekend to truly unplug whether that’s in the form of going for a drive or sitting outside or wherever it may be.  Get alone with Jesus and quiet yourself to see what He may have for you.


3 thoughts on “when the world’s chaos, clutter, and clamor bombard our hearts

  1. My husband just fixed my old beat up truck AGAIN just today. With three kids it’s so much easier to have a no fuss vehicle. It gets us to the ski slopes. I really appreciate your writing and hope you continue!


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