make-shift war room needed

that moment when it’s thirteen minutes till midnight and you’re still fully clothed from the day, have yet to take a shower, and you just sat down for the first time to breathe

that moment is now.

hi friends, it’s me… it’s really me…

you could say that the previous scenario is a great capture of the past couple months while at the same time completely an accurate picture of today

life has been crazy, and you know what happens when crazy meets this girl? I go all perfectionistic again… I see nothing but my shortcomings, all the things I haven’t gotten done, and the ways I failed at those goals I wanted so badly to achieve.

you ever been there?

If so, come… join me… let’s sit on this couch together and just bare our souls to one another.

Friends, we aren’t in this alone – no matter how much that evil one whispers that into our hearts.

life isn’t easy

especially if you’ve surrendered your life over to the Lord

why? because we’re in a war… a real, hard core, nasty war…

I’m afraid that all too often we get all caught up in fighting it… fighting it ourselves… without being armed for battle

last night, my husband and I went out for a much needed date night and saw “War Room.”  (If you haven’t seen it, stop reading this.  Google the next showing, and put it in your calendar.)

at any rate, my heart was convicted as the scenes unfolded before me

life has been hard lately – not a bad hard as in “I hate my life” but more like, “I’m just completely overwhelmed and can’t seem to catch a break.”

and it’s dawned on me… I know why I have been overwhelmed, tired, stressed to the max.  Truth is there has been something hard at every turn, but rather than turning it over to my Savior and Friend in my own War Room, I’ve taken it up myself.  oh, I went through the motions of praying about it but not relinquishing control… of not resting in my Father’s arms just knowing He’s a good, good Father…

that’s all I have for tonight sisters… just me sitting on my couch in the peace of my finally quiet house as I share what God’s laid on my heart

and I’ll be honest, before I head up to bed… there’s a temporary War Room being set up right here and now… I need it, desperately


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