giving thanks not complaints

Ok, I know it’s Autumn and all things are warm and cozy and fluffy and happy…

But it’s about to get real, real fast here.

How many of us have found ourselves seeing the good in other’s lives and craving exactly what they have?  Maybe it’s the house they live in or the clothes they wear or even the materials they use for their journaling Bibles… maybe it’s a talent or gift or job.

It doesn’t matter what exactly that thing is… what matters is the attitude of heart we can slip into so quickly without even realizing  it. (It’s called human NATURE for a reason).

I’ve talked about it before.  There’s nothing wrong with appreciating beauty or blessings of life.  But if we love it to the point where we are finding ourselves miserable in our situations because we aren’t at the certain place or owning that little thing or succeeding in the same way as another… maybe it’s time for a quick heart check.

How’s our time with God? Are we complaining about the stuff we don’t have yet or the season of life we find ourselves in?  Or are we pouring out thanks for the blessings – small and big – that He has poured into our lives.

We’re about to enter a season where gratitude is celebrated.  We are encouraged to be thankful – thankful in ALL things.

Let’s begin now to check our hearts.  Let’s be grateful now for what we DO have and trust the future with all our hopes and dreams into the hands of a very loving and capable God.


3 thoughts on “giving thanks not complaints

  1. Hey There! I just wanted you to know you were on my mind the past few days. I was thinking and praying for you. Hope you are doing well, its been crazy around here. We should maybe get together sometime. Are you still in same area?

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