Digging Deep in the Word | Why It’s So Important

It’s our third week in the series, Digging Deep in the Word, and there’s one thought that I haven’t been able to shake since the beginning.

Why are daily, personal devotions so important?  Do they really have to be daily?  What if I just study God’s Word as I have time.  Wouldn’t reading a passage from my Bible be enough?  Or, maybe I’ll read a verse on my Bible app as run throughout my day…

Let’s rewind my life to a little over a month ago, when my friend Sandy from Creating Kilter approached me about the possibility of this series, Digging Deep in the Word.  I was so super duper stoked about the idea!! And it wasn’t because I felt that I had arrived and had so much to share with the world!  It was because I, myself, had been struggling in this very area – personal devotions. You know, those struggles we talked about in my very first post – finding time, getting something out of it, etc.  I was thrilled to be partnering with other women who struggle with the same thing, but have found ways to still make God’s Word part of their daily lives.

To be one hundred percent honest and vulnerable with you.  I had slacked in my daily personal devotions.  Oh, I’d at least read a couple verses or a devotional.  But setting aside time, every day, to really get something from God’s Word?  Well, that had become a battle which I was losing more than winning.

And I realized that I had begun to believe a lie… that personal, daily devotions weren’t THAT big of a deal.  If I didn’t get to it one day, then I’d get to it the next, you know?  But here’s the problem.  A day would turn into two.  Two days would into half a week.  Half a week, and before I knew it, it had been an entire week since I had spend true quality time with Jesus.

Oh, I know!! It’s a shame!  I mean, c’mon, Anna, you’re a pastor’s wife for goodness sake!! Well, I’ve got news for you, pastor’s wives struggle with the same exact things every other women does.  But I digress, because that’s a whole different topic…

Why do I share this with you?  I share it with you so that if you’re there right now, believing the lie, you’ll realize, you’re not alone.  And the truth will set you free.

I’m here to tell you that if you begin to believe the truth about spending personal, daily, quality time with God, you’re life is going to change.  God’s Word is the agent through which we change and grow in Christ.

Here’s why this whole thing is so important.  Our lives our like a garden, and God’s Word is like the planting, weeding, watering, and tending of it.

I have struggled in the past because I like instant results.  Some days, God’s Word reaches into my life and pulls out weeds.  Those days, I really feel like I needed God’s Word.  Other days, God’s Word is planting or watering truths.  And while I may not feel like I needed that as much as the weeding, I still need those days!

What would happen to a garden that did not receive regular watering?  In time, it would shrivel up and be worthless.  We may not see results of being in God’s Word immediately, but time will show either the desired or devastating results depending on what we have done with it.  Do not be fooled into thinking this is an immediate process.  This takes time, and it is the faithful tending to our spiritual lives that will ultimately produce the fruit we so long for.




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